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Fuck parties
DURATION: 0h 44m

Some people love big cities with their crazy rhythm, and I prefer the privacy and solitude of the country. Fresh air, beautiful view, the grateful sense of quiet and seclusion... Ah, is there anything better than that? This is why this weekend I invited my friends and some pretty college chicks to my cottage in the country. It was supposed to be a fun college party in the fresh air. You know, making a fire, having barbeques, drinking and laughing and dancing. Well, I was also hoping to get laid too, I won't deny…

DURATION: 0h 42m

Friday 13th is just a perfect day for a theme sex party, there's no doubt about that! And we got well prepared. We rented a small cottage where nobody would disturb us, we bought some booze and snacks, we even dressed up as if we were in some twisted horror movie. The sexy student girls that we invited were late as usual, probably dressing up, so we got the party started drinking and telling each other scary stories, just to get in the mood. Actually we had much fun, and I even forgot that the college chicks had…

DURATION: 0h 55m

Who doesn't like horror stories? We all do! And we had a brilliant idea - we decided to organize a horror theme party for our sexy college girls! it took place in a small cottage in the woods, and everyone had to dress up as characters of some horror movie. So we had witches, vampires, a nurse in a bloodstained lab coat, a demon and so on. The excited college chicks got the party started by telling each other gruesome stories about ghosts, witchcraft, cannibal mortuary workers and mysterious suicides. It was all…

DURATION: 1h 08m

They say that unplanned parties are always the best, and I couldn't agree more. For example, today my friends and me went for a walk to the woods. You know, to get some fresh air and all that stuff. After a while we decided to go back, but no matter where we went we only got deeper into the woods. Eventually we had to admit that we got lost. We're not the kind of people who give up easily, so we just went on walking. In the meantime I was thinking of better things that I could do instead of roaming the woods.…

DURATION: 0h 45m

Don't know about you, but I always feel sad when summer gets close to its end. End of summer means going back to college, having tons of assignments and not being able to hang out with your friends as often as you like. Besides, outdoor hardcore sex parties are out of the question too. But hey, we still had a couple of summer weeks ahead, and we decided to throw the coolest college fuck party ever. There's no place like the woods for a crazy fuck fest in the fresh air! So we found a beautiful place by the lake…

DURATION: 0h 41m

I guess we all have our own standards and our own ideas of what a perfect college fuck party should be like. But this college orgy is the rare case when everyone agrees and admits that this was the greatest party ever. But let's go to the very start and see how it all began. Actually nobody expected this weekend in the country to turn into the wildest students fuck fest of all times. It's just that me and my friends decided to throw a little hot and steamy sex party in the fresh air. We packed a tent, a dozen…

DURATION: 1h 00m

Summer is the time to party like hell and to fuck like rabbits! At least this is my friends and me think. Anyway, it was our first outdoor college fuck party of this summer, and it had to be truly epic. We had one brunette, three blondes and two redheads, several bags full of snacks and a car trunk full of booze. We found a very quiet place in the woods where nobody would disturb us and started to unpack. I've always heard that redheads are the most wild and passionate girls ever, but until that party I didn't…

DURATION: 0h 41m

This is the latest of our sex party movies, and so far this is my favorite! Wanna know what made this hot and steamy sex party so special? The game that we played, truth or dare! Honestly, I've never thought that some game could turn on the heat so much! I thought games were only good to make the pretty and sexy party girls relax, but today I discovered that a good game can really set a tone for the whole party. I bet you know how to play truth or dare, so I'm not gonna explain the rules. I'll just tell you that…

DURATION: 0h 45m

I've always thought that playing some silly game is the best way to start any college sex party. Everybody has fun, laughs and cracks jokes, isn't that cool? But this time we found mafia cards and decided to give it a try. I know, this is a psychological game that involves observation and study of the way the others act, speak and so on. But don't forget that we were gonna play with the hottest and filthiest college sluts, so I knew the game would be a hell of a fun. So we all sat in a circle, cards were handed…

DURATION: 0h 49m

This fuck party movie is really special and extremely exciting! Wanna know why? Me and my friends had a sort of a bet. We decided to throw a hot sex party and invite a decent and modest girl along with the hottest college sluts. Of course, the girl wasn't supposed to know what kind of a party it was, we simply told her that we invite the best students to a fun party. I thought that even a good and decent girl wouldn't be able to resist the temptation and eventually go for hardcore college sex, while some of my…