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DURATION: 2h 25m

Me and my friends like different types of girls, so we invited three hot college chicks to our wild sex party. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead, what a lovely combination! All theree are hot college sluts, that's something me and my buddies share the passion for :) The girls feel very at ease and relaxed from the very start, which is very promising. We drink champagne and chat, but soon everyone gets horny. I didn't expect it to happen so soon, but there you go, the hot university girls dance with…

DURATION: 3h 01m

Here they are, a company of young and insolent student sex friends, drinking champage to celebrate their passing of exams. They deserved some fun after so much study, and a wild sex party is just what they need to relax and forget about the worries. Cute college girls are here too, anticipating some crazy action. After all, this is what they're all here for: wild college fucking, no more no less. The hot sex party has just started, but one of the hot college sluts, a skinny blonde, is already working two…

DURATION: 4h 26m

Have you ever been to a student sex party? Don't worry if the answer is "no", you still have a chance to see with your own eyes what really happens there. I know, it's not the same as taking part in a real college orgy, but spying on horny coeds as they plunge into unbelievable hot fucking is a hell of a fun too. So meet three frisky college chicks and three horny guys, ready to have a blast at weekend. They recorded all their sex adventures on camera, anf I'm so glad they did. Every…

Party: Spectacular party sex video Rating: 4.5
DURATION: 3h 51m

I like everything about student's life, everything except classes and lectures :) The rest is absolutely fine by me: drinking with my buddies, hanging out with the hottest college girls and especially throwing hardcore sex parties. Yeah, these parties are something special! Here's a fuck party movie that we made at one of our best parties, so you can see how kinky coeds and pretty party girls have fun together. The video starts with a blonde sexy college girl blowing me in the bathroom. Kick-ass…

DURATION: 2h 42m

Welcome to one of the coolest hardcore sex parties! Four gorgeous and sexy college girls and three handsome coeds gathered to have some fun, get wasted and have sex. I know, that sounds like any other student bash, but wait and see what happens at this wild sex party. The more ale the student sex friends drink, the hornier they get, and soon one of the pretty party girls was dancing topless. The studs play a kinky game that involves lots of sexy action. For example, one of the cute college girls performs a…

Party: Homemade crazy orgy movie Rating: 4.2
DURATION: 2h 27m

I hate winter, I really do. It's so cold, there's no sunshine at all, days are short. The only thing that can cheer me up is a hot sex party with young student girls. So we hook up with the hot college sluts, go to the shop together to buy some booze and snacks, and go to my buddy's place to have a ball. At first our party's nothig special, we drink and crack jokes and talk. But little by little, the pretty party girls get more and more excited, and our talk gets nastier and more explicit. I…

Party: Hardcore college sex tape Rating: 4.3
DURATION: 2h 31m

The weather's so good today, so we don't feel like going to college at all. It's so much better to sip ale in the park with two young student girls. And so we do. The cute college girls don't wanna study either, so we buy some ale and find a vacant bench. We tell jokes, laugh and have fun. The more we drink, the nastier our jokes, and soon the passers-by start staring at us. Besides, we all start getting horny, so we decide to go to my buddy's place. There we'll have some privacy…

Party: Amateur nude party video Rating: 3.9
DURATION: 2h 46m

All the exams are passed, hurray! I can't believe we're free now and can finally enjoy the vacation. Honestly, we need to celebrate that! A wild sex party with young student girls sounds just perfect, so we invite the girls to our friend's place, where ale and snacks are already waiting for us. Besides, we have a camera, and we're gonna film the whole party. I hope it's gonna be the best sex party ever, at least we have a chance to make it so. So we drink and talk and anticipate all the…

Party: Young college fucking video Rating: 4.5
DURATION: 2h 40m

We've been studying together for a while, and we like to hang out together much more than to attend classes. Today, though, we were good students and didn't miss a single lecture. Now that the classes are over we deserve some compensation for the day spent in college. Time to throw a wild sex party, and the hottest college girls are up to it! So we bought much ale and sweet grape, invited the hot college chicks over to our place, and the crazy bash began. We told each other funny stories, then danced,…

DURATION: 2h 39m

This week was a fucking nightmare! So many boring lectures, so much time spent on homework, no fun at all. But finally it's weekend, and we decided to really have a blast! We rented a huge house in the country, where nobody would disturb us. We bought tons of ale, and we called the hottest college girls up. The young student girls were as fed up with studies as we were, so they were happy to escape to the country for the whole weekend. Yeah, we spent almost all of our money on this hot sex party, but it was…

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