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Hot sex party in retro style, part 1 Rating: 4.06

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The other day me and my buddies wondered what kind of a hot sex party our grandparents would throw. It was all just a joke at first, but eventually we decided to organize this retro-style theme sex party with the hottest college girls. And when I saw the college chicks in those vintage dresses, with feathers in their hair and all that, and my friends dressed up as gangsters, I realized that this party was a brilliant idea. We even bought sigars to match the atmosphere! So we smoked, drank, played cards and stared at the sexy maid who was serving us. She did something wrong, and one of the pretty party girls spanked the maid's naked butt. Wow, that got me hard instantly! I made a mental note to myself to make it up to the maid, making her come hard.
One of the sexy college girls got on the table, dancing and taking her vintage dress off. She looked gorgeous in that black lingerie and stockings, but when she got absolutely naked, we couldn't control our lust anymore. We all got around that table, making out and kissing. I took my chance to fuck that sexy student girl dressed up as a maid. I was not the only one who wanted her, as my friend joined us, but I didn't mind a threesome. In fact, a leecherous babe could work two cocks artfully, and soon we were ready to perform double penetration. As we were drilling the sexy student girl's asshole and pussy, another one of my buddies put his cock in the cutie's mouth, turning our hot fucking into a crazy foursome. I wonder if our grandfathers tried anything like that :)
Crazy as it was, this foursome was just a prelude to a wild college orgy that happened later. You'll see lots of awesome student sex scenes including lesbian action, jaw-breaking college blowjobs, group sex with hot college sluts, anal fucking and even really insane stuff like using a cane as a dildo. I bet it'll leave you breathless! Watch this unbelievable orgy full of lust and passion! The pretty party girls in vintage dresses and high-heeled shoes being drilled hard in all their holes, sucking hard cocks and moaning with pleasure - that's something you'll never forget! Besides, these hot college chicks really love hardcore fucking, so they do it with such a drive and with happy smiles on their faces. Man, I guarantee that this amateur fuck party movie will blow your mind!
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Members comments (17):

  • Trenoveloce (21 Jan, 2015)

    Mmmmm the stick could be also deeper..mmm

  • Trenoveloce (21 Jan, 2015)

    Totally amazing vintage realistic porn

  • peng88 (20 Sep, 2013)

    Great, beautiful girls wasted in yet more of that CFNM garbage. CFNM NEEDS TO DIE AND DIE NOW!!! I am sick and tired of this fuckery and I mostly blame MANWIN!

  • pyramide (31 Jul, 2012)

    good anal very sexy

  • mightyrogue (14 Aug, 2011)

    please keep the stockings always.. great scene

  • cherryfong27 (13 Jun, 2011)

    Nice socks!

  • snjanieburton2 (31 Mar, 2011)

    Good Idea for a Vintage dress party, but filmed to long and not much action compared to duration of the total, cut out 75% and you will have a more interesting movie and one more thing let keep the wives alwas their stockings on if they start the movie with stockings

  • amadeus (8 Feb, 2011)

    very nice. a little bit long and no action.

  • GMG (13 Nov, 2010)

    some of the links r hit and miss. i downloaded part 3 iphone and had sound no picture. this has happened b4 on some others but time to make comment. wasted download time

  • FetishFlick (17 Aug, 2010)

    As a comment to ciccio bello : I think it's a great shoot, but I agree with him, that the 'studentgirl next door' approach is more appealing and suits this site better... however... an incidental 'dressed up party' (next time fetish ???) is always ok... as long as it stays incidental

  • house.service.471 (6 Jun, 2010)

    eva must fuck more why dont see everyone want to see her fucking!! me tooo he he

  • smartboy2307 (10 Apr, 2010)

    best site.excellent this site

  • 2873 (9 Apr, 2010)

    My god

  • Frogbyte (2 Apr, 2010)

    My god ! all the girls in that party are superb, including very nice and sexy lingerie. Colourful setting. ! I'd expect to see similar paties, but with wilder sex scenes ! A piece of taste.

  • Satboy (30 Mar, 2010)

    All the girls need to participate in the party.

  • Nike (30 Mar, 2010)

    Let them ALL join the party, including Lina and Juliana! No point in letting them only be there to decorate!

  • ciccio bello (29 Mar, 2010)

    why you dont keep on your roots?
    natural girl next door no make up and hair dressing
    every day costume?
    this last look like a private movie