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College Fuck Parties - wild student sex scenes from the best college fuck parties.
Hot wild girls fuck on a corporate party, part 1 Rating: 4.47

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Serious companies hardly ever throw corporate parties in a sauna, but we work in a cool club, all employees are young students, so we decided to relax in a sauna instead of going to some expensive restaurant. Besides, the hot college chicks we work with would look so much better and sexier in their bikinis :) These cute college girls are very lustful and sultry, so we hoped that this party would bring us all closer together, if you know what I mean. Ok, I'll name it, I was hoping it would be a real wild college sex party. And obviously everyone else had the same feelings, because this sauna bash turned out to be one of the craziest parties ever! Lucky you, you can see it all with your own eyes, 'cause we filmed it all for this amateur fuck party movie!
Masha was the first of the pretty party girls to get naked. She started making out with two guys at once, and they did it right in front of us! Since they didn't mind our watching, we also took some part in their threesome college orgy, pouring champagne over their naked bodies and getting extremely turned on. So when two sexy college girls offered massage to Nikita, he knew he'd get much more than just a massage. And he was right, as the horny hotties rubbed him with their bare tits, licked and kissed his cock until he banged both of them real hard right on that massage table. God, that was so hot! Two oozing pussies and two cock-hungry mouths took turns at being drilled, what a cool threesome!
I went to take a shower with a sexy brunette, but soon a stunning blonde joined us, so I was having a threesome sex too! The nasty college chicks really loved the way I used my cock, my fingers, my tongue to make both of them come hard. Me, I was just happy to bang two hot student girls at once! Then we all had a relaxing bath together, and all that touching and rubbing in the foamy bath made us horny as hell again. Well, this time we went for a group orgy, fucking on that massage table. It was real mind-blowing, man! Hell, I even talked Masha into doing anal with me, and she'd never done that before! Can you believe this? You know what, I think we should organize such student sex parties more often, 'cause it brings the team really together :)
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  • Sexy girl Marya TightMarya Tight Rating: 4.6 of 5 (85 votes)
  • Sexy girl MancyMancy Rating: 4.6 of 5 (54 votes)
  • Sexy girl AnikaAnika Rating: 4.7 of 5 (49 votes)
  • Sexy girl MarikaMarika Rating: 4.6 of 5 (68 votes)

Members comments (11):

  • jelleboersma_6547 (20 Jan, 2014)

    what a horny slut!

  • polledk13 (3 Aug, 2013)

    Seeing these young "studs" cumming is like watching paint dry.

  • polledk13 (3 Aug, 2013)

    So poor cumshots on this willing and very beautiful girl is ridiculous

  • ruikahiroyoshi (11 Apr, 2012)

    Anika were the hottest girl there but these guys didn´t even realize her... fools

  • tennte (27 Aug, 2011)

    episode 3 - mp4 file is missing!

  • Helbarthel (15 May, 2011)

    Very strange film editing. In the first part are 2 women who have disappeared suddenly in the middle of the first episode. But two other women are there. The old women then dive back to the beginning of the episode 2, can someone explain this?

  • Beachgoer (15 Apr, 2011)

    This is the best paysite for hot orgies by far! Suggestion .... How about a mega orgy (8 guys and 8 girls) and a huge gangbang (6-8 guys and 1 or 2 sluts) PLEASE?

  • carolynss (7 Apr, 2011)

    Photoset and HD please

  • konal (7 Apr, 2011)

    where is iphone (.m4v) and online (flash) version?

  • carolynss (7 Apr, 2011)

    where HD?

  • busenhart (7 Apr, 2011)

    very good

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