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College Fuck Parties - wild student sex scenes from the best college fuck parties.
Real college sex on weekend, part 1 Rating: 4.48

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Weekend was coming, time to have fun and relax with my best friends! Do you know what "fun" means to us? We're mad about hardcore sex parties, and we know some hot college sluts who'd love to hang out with us. Besides, this weekend my parents were out of town, so the whole duplex apartment was at our disposal. So it was a perfect opportunity to throw a kick-ass party, and I wasn't gonna miss it! We invited the hot college chicks who are notorious for their shameless behaviour and insatiable lust. Just what we need for our wild sex party :) These nasty chicks were inmpressed by my apartment and especially a huge bath, and after a couple of aqua vitae shots they asked the guys to take the shirts off. Well, what a nice way to get the real sex party started!
Soon one of the pretty party girls, a sexy brunette, did something that totally blew me away. She just came to me, got on her knees, put my pants down and started sucking me off! Can you believe this? At first the others were watching us, then my friend joined us, and the sexy student girl worked both our cocks like a real pro. Then the others got so oversexed, they all started making out. Girl on girl action, horny couples enjoying college fucking, even group sex! I didn't even expect this wild sex party to be like that! Remember about my huge bathroom? Well, the horny and pretty party girls couldn't resist the temptation to have sex there too. You have to see what happened there, I have no words to describe this hot and steamy fucking!
Believe it or not, but we weren't gonna stop this crazy college orgy yet. There were so many places in my apartment where we hadn't had sex yet :) Take the bedroom, for example. The bed is big enough for two couples enjoying hardcore college sex. The stairs - one more interesting location for passionate college fucking. The living room - that's where one more college orgy took place, and let me tell you, it was totally breathtaking! Hey, and don't forget about the kitchen! Horny college girls fucking on the table - that's something that is sure to blow you away. This incredible college orgy left my apartment in ruins, it took me ages to clean it all up, but still it was worth it. Damn, I can hardly wait for my parents to leave again, so that I could throw another wild sex party.
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