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College Fuck Parties - wild student sex scenes from the best college fuck parties.
Wild girls fuck a stripper in the club, part 1 Rating: 4.04

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When you watch an all girls student sex party you enjoy it of course, but then again you feel like something is missing there. You. You want to be the only boy at that hard student fuck party, surrounded with hot college sluts drinking gargle, stripping and sucking cock. Well, this dream came true for one lucky boy, that's what this video is about. Though it starts as a hen party with super sexy teen babes celebrating weekend without boys, soon they get bored and want some well-hung stud to join in
Cute college girls invited a stripper to the party and grew horny while watching him dance with the pole. When the boy was ready to leave, they started dragging him in, begging, doing whatever it takes to make him stay. A few minutes later poor guy (or lucky bastard) found himself lying on the sofa and moaning as one of the hot student girls was sucking him off. The others were touching, licking, giving him a lesbian show. Well, ther was no way he would leave the party without making all the chicks happy
As a result, I have some outstanding student group sex footage for you! It's a crazy club party, so of course there will be a lot of strip dancing to club music, a lot of booze. Girls sucking cock, licking fruits and whip cream off boy's body. The stripper came at least twice as sexy college girls rode his hard-on. Don't envy him, better watch this orgy sex porn, maybe one day something like this will happen to you, too. If it does, it will make a great college fuck party update, so don't forget to let us know!
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Members comments (13):

  • bluez1 (11 Jul, 2015)

    it was real good to put them into a realistic place. The guy kinda got in the way though. The guy was too clean cut too. if u are gonna get guys into the pic make 'em sleazier and older looking

  • RuHard14_4627 (16 Nov, 2012)

    the girls are very sexy - but the videos are a little bit boring. A few more guys for the girls.

  • CrFy9Zwf (11 Feb, 2012)

    Awesome update :)

  • dimitriverdy (21 Sep, 2011)

    it would have been great with more strippers!!

  • [email protected],com (12 Sep, 2011)


  • ollie666 (9 Sep, 2011)

    Boring Party ! Only one guy n not enough action with the girls !!!

  • gschlattl (1 Sep, 2011)

    Worst update ever - just boring

  • Laurent (31 Aug, 2011)

    lesbians, lesbians....very boring

  • Laurent (30 Aug, 2011)

    stupid video, why so more lesbian??????

  • fairlane (28 Aug, 2011)

    Five girls. Only one of them fucks. You make loose my time.

  • erper05 (27 Aug, 2011)

    boring. We've seen such shows so many times. Much lower than SSP standards.

  • mchalo123 (26 Aug, 2011)

    i love this

  • tennte (26 Aug, 2011)

    why episode 4 has no HD 720p file for download?